Group Events

CNTQC kick-off meeting at the IFW Dresden
The CNTQC kick-off meeting in June ensured a smooth start of the project. All project partners met and discussed the aims of the project, reviewed all work packages, deliverables and milestones necessary for a successful completion of the project. Workshop 1 was agreed to be held in Salerno on the topic "Top-Spin: Spin and Topological Phenomena in Nanostructures" in May 2015.

CNTQC negotiation meeting in Brussels
The negotiating EC Project Officer got together with all project partners of the consortium in order to come to a satisfactory conclusion of the negotiations and the completion of the formal selection process. The negotiation meeting in Brussels successfully paved the way towards the start of the CNTQC project in June 2014.   
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Matias Garcia

The project CNTQC acknowledges the financial support of the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme within the
Seventh Framework Programme for Research of the European Commission, under FET-Open grant number: 618083.